Winner: Civil Match 2.0

We participated in Civil Match (hosted by Goethe-Institut and Auswärtiges Amt Germany). The project idea we developed together with Kyiv Contemporary Music Days was awarded a cooperation prize!

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EASTxWEST International Songwriting Camp

International Songwriting Camp – Apply NOW!

We are hosting an digital Songwriting Camp with coaches like Noova, Ivo Schot (Subterranean Street Society) and Laura Kloos (FYDE) from 26.11. to 28.11. – Apply until 12.11.2021 to be part of it.

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INTERVIEW with DetektorFM

Tom had the opportunity to talk about URAL Music Camp and the idea behind the project with DetektorFM.


Current Projects

Ural Music Camp

In 2018 we launched our music business education programme Ural Music Camp in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Together with our partner Natalia Shmelkova (Head of Center of Social Monitoring and Youth Issues Yekaterinburg & Project Coordinator Ural Music Night Festival), a team situated in Yekaterinburg as well as a growing group of European experts in music education and the music industry we were able to make this a successful annual event.

By creating this programme, we offer talented people a platform for their work, provide access to specialist knowledge and find new ways of evaluating their creative potential.
Each year, Ural Music Camp offers 50 Russian musicians and people working in the music industry the possibility to come together for one week and simulate the process of the music industry. Creating original songs in new formations with people they’ve never met before, recording and performing these songs, and developing a marketing strategy for their new material.

In addition, participants may be part of an exchange program between Russia and Germany in collaboration with various German partners, and are supported with further online workshops and consulting throughout the year.

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UMC – Yekaterinburg Office


EMBRACE 2020 is a dialogue-project of Music Commission Mannheim e.V., Music Export Ukraine and OSTAR Music Network aiming to connect young talents and experts across borders, talking about constructive take-aways for 2021.

EMBRACE 2020 will showcases 5 interviews focusing on the topics: live industry, music journalism, music production, artist management and being an artist in 2020. The talks aim to highlight personal best-practices from both sides and spread good ideas on how to take on 2021 as creative.

The Project was implemented within the “MEET UP! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters” programme with support from the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ). The opinions expressed by the authors are not necessarily those of the Foundation EVZ. The author is solely responsible for the content.  

EAST X WEST – International Songwriting Camp

What is EASTxWEST?

EAST x WEST is a digital songwriting camp bringing together creatives from Eastern and Western Europe. During 2,5 days you will meet people from all over the world and create new music in small songwriting-teams for real pitches from publishers like BMG or Warner Music. During this process you will be coached by the professionals Antonia Rug (Novaa), Laura Kloos (FYDA) and Ivo Schot (Subterranean Street Society). After the camp you will not only have made lasting connections but also will get feedback on your tracks from professional A&Rs. 

Apply here until 12.11. to be part of the camp

Who can apply?

We are looking for 12 songwriters and (electronic) music producers who are open to new experiences, want to try writing for other artists and work with people from all over the world. You should be able to record yourself at home with a DAW, have a stable internet connection and a device to join video calls.  This year we are able to accept applications from Germany, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia.

How can I apply?

To apply please fill out this Form until the 12th of November. We will get back to you until 16.11.2021 to let you know if you are able to join the camp. 

How much does it cost?

As we want to make the opportunity accessible to as many people as we can to form meaningful connections, participating in the camp and the masterclasses is for free. 

Why is it for free?

We are able to create this camp without a fee for participants because the project OSTAR Music Network 2021 is funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany. OSTAR Music Network’s goal is to foster creative talent and connect musicians and aspiring music business professionals from Eastern and Western Europe. 

EAST x WEST is brought to you by OSTAR Music Network and supported by Auswärtiges AMT.

Ural Music Camp

Ural Music Camp

Ural Music Camp

What others say

Stasya Lisitsina


“Ural Music Camp helped me become a professional artist. Before, I had finished my music studies in Yekaterinburg. But here I began to understand what is necessary to become a holistic artist. A lot has happened in the last year: I was part of a TV show, I started writing songs, I released my first EP and recorded a music video with friends.”

Rutger Martens


“What moved me the most was the difference between how you see the participants on the first day, then you do the band coaching with them and they get better and better and then you see them at the final concert and they perform above all expectations. You can really see the result of a week of work and their joy and their effort and energy and then at the last concert it all comes together – that’s just great.”

Tatiana Sokolova


“Ural Music Camp helped me to accept myself and my own vision of music. When I came back from it, I realised that I needed to look inside myself, not around me. Since then, I know where to go next. Memories of that time still feed me with energy in moments of crises and give me strength to move into the directions of my dreams.”

Natalia Shmelkova

Founder Ural Music NIght Festival & UMC

“We want to show that music can be a profession. The alumni of the camp can develop new projects, and these projects will develop the Russian music industry. The main result should be a community between Europe and Russia and also to open the window to Europe for young Russian artists to play music together with other European people.”

Udo Dahmen

Director of Popakademie Baden-Württemberg

“If you have 50-60 participants every year, after a couple of years you have reached a critical mass and this is very interesting in terms of network. In the end it’s all about internationalisation. The idea is always to win partners from different countries – from Russia to Europe and the other way around. This is something that accelerates not only the relations but also the music.”

Dmitry Malinovsky


“Ural Music Camp taught me to look beyond the boundaries of the regular approach to songwriting and arrangement.”

Maxim Khrychev


“For me, Ural Music Camp is a place to learn to work with people, to communicate with people. One of the greatest things about the camp is the love from our teachers – it’s a place where we can make mistakes.”

Meet the Team

Thomas Woschitz

Stefan Wandel

Current Partners